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Reading English Books for SAT – Improving Your Vocabulary for the Exam

English books for SAT. There are people who lack only a few points to achieve the desired exemption from university English courses. For these people the best way to improve the test score in English is through reading books in English for the SAT Exam. No matter what level you are based on the Psychometric Exam, each teacher will recommend to start reading as many books you can at the beginning of the course.


Why Read English Books for the SAT?


The fundamental principle is, you cannot succeed at the psychometric test without having a good grade in the English section. On the other hand, the English section is considered to be the least sophisticated as it examines only language proficiency and vocabulary. All you need is to improve vocabulary and know how to rephrase English sentences (syntax). This is very good news as the simplest way to improve your English language proficiency and vocabulary is simply reading books in English for SAT. Such books can be read anywhere, at any time and are usually very cheap and accessible.


What kind of books you should read for the English SAT?


It’s very simple! SAT English books are books you will love to read! There is no point in buying a book in English that doesn’t interest you and makes you reluctant to read it. So basically if you like thrillers, buy thrillers. Romance books? – The same. Those who do not read english books at all – try to read  english books that are the source of a movie you liked. That way you can relate to the plot and even discover some interesting details about your favorite heroes (the books will always be more detailed). Another way to select English books for the psychometric test  is to choose classic books, but really classic. English books have proven themselves to be loved by a very large audience of readers for dozens or even hundreds of years. Some examples for these English books you will find below. The biggest mistake students make is to take the first book in English that they find only because it exists. remember! There is no point starting to read a book just because it's what you have found at that moment, you will not continue to read this book and learn from it.


The level of the book is very important. You should buy a book suitable to your level but not too hard, in order not to breach the first principle. A hard book will discourage you very quickly. The optimal situation is to find yourself turning to the dictionary often, but not for every other word you read. On the other hand if you don’t not need a dictionary while reading the book apparently it’s too easy and should be replaced. Remember English books for SAT mean one thing – books you can read and enjoy.


One more small piece of advice, try to choose books in English for SAT that are divided into chapters. This way you can divide the daily reading assignments and improve sustainability while studying for the exam.


How Should you Read Books in English SAT?


First, you should determine a realistic routine by reading at you favorite free time. For example, when returning from work or in bed before going to sleep. Set a fixed time  to read one chapter in the book every evening after returning from work. Try to establish a framework-  this is your future we are talking about. We said that books with chapters are  easier to work with, but of course every book that meets the criteria will suffice.


You should read at least half an hour a day, every day, to achieve a certain level of effectivity and progress. You Also need to get a dictionary or use an online dictionary. Every word you do not know while reading sould be recorded in a separate list and reviewed after reading. It is highly recommended to carry the list with you like the vocabulary cards given by your SAT school. Also pay attention to the different types of grammar during the reading, not really for learning the  grammar, but at least try to recognize the correct sound of the sentences in different situations.


Ideas for Books in English for SAT!


Now we are getting to the fun part. We believe persistence is the most important factor when we are looking to read books in English for SAT. So if you do not manage to get a book that really interests you, consider purchasing it. Usually this will be the lowest expense you'll have during the study for the psychometric exam. And remember, books will always remain on your bookshelf and fill you with pride. Now, where do you get the chepaest English books? You can try Steimatzky and other Israeli book stores, but the selection in these stores is really small. And the prices are usually quite expensive and often approaching a hundred shekels a book. We recommend The Book Depository book store that offers really good prices with free shipping to Israel. Ordered books usually arrive within 5-7 days to your house. Bottom line, if you really want to order books in English for SAT the process itself is very simple, all you need is a PayPal acount or international credit card for standard and secure buying process.

Recommended Books For The SAT Exam:

All of Dan Brown Books, John Grisham, Harry Potter, Twilight series and More !

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